About us

The Homey team are obsessively passionate about furniture and interior design. Especially tribal, boho chic and Ibiza style designs, originating from Indonesia, India & Turkey (this is where the best quality, most reasonably priced stuff is made these days). If something isn’t cool or unique, we probably won’t sell it. If something is eye wateringly expensive, we probably won’t sell it either. After all, a stunning home shouldn’t have to break the bank.

We believe that furniture and home design should make a bold and lasting statement and the pieces that you invite into your home should be an investment that actually appreciates in value over time. If you want a solid, live edge, wooden table that will last longer than you will and is worth more than you paid for it in ten years, come and see us. If you want MDF, then we probably can’t help you.

As well as selling furniture, Homey also offer a bespoke interior design service for your villa, apartment, hotel or café.